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5 Videos Showing How TikTok Is Redefining the Home Tour

Move aside MTV Cribs, because these videos prove that TikTok is redefining the home tour.

There's something about house tours that are just so intriguing. MTV Cribs definitely kickstarted the obsession back in the day. Then came YouTube and channels like Architectural Digest and Ryan Serhant showing us even more beautiful homes.

Now with TikTok, we get it all condensed into 60 seconds. Short, snappy, just how we like it - just long enough to keep our attention spans in check.

Here Are Five Videos Showing How Tiktok Is Redefining the Home Tour

1. Beautiful Bali villa

This villa inis the home of travel content creators Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris. If you could define the dream home, it would probably be this industrial vibe villa.

Our top three favorite features have to be the sunken living room, industrial style kitchen, and gorgeous swimming pool. Not to mention those VIEWS! Ugh, just beautiful.

What's not to love?

2. Mid-century modern masterpiece in Malibu

This Malibu beach house is very uniquely designed, with definite nods to mid-century modernism.

Highlights include a huge swimming pool, a chef's style kitchen, huge windows throughout, a beautiful marble bathroom, a well-stocked library, lush gardens, and ocean views. Ok soooo, when can we move in?

3. House that may or may not be a spaceship

Third on our list of videos that prove TikTok is redefining the home tour is this weird but wonderful house. We're guessing it belongs to either a genius, a mad inventor, a 10-year-old kid, or an alien? Just a thought. One video just wasn't enough. So we've included three.

For example - the floating fireplace, rock climbing wall, rotating clothing rack, and the floating bridge to nowhere... it's all... pretty... odd. Don't even get us started on "The Studio" featured in the third video below. Like, what is that? A toy shop?

From watching a few other videos, the exterior of the house appears to be just as quirky as the interior, giving us serious spaceship vibes.

All that being said, we're pretty into this one. Yeah. We'd happily like there.


House Tour Part 2 - The Studio. Name the hobby in the comments 🤗 ##collection ##housetour ##obsessedwithit ##foryoupage ##LetsFaceIt

♬ i am obsessed with this - Mallorie

4. This house with an aquarium wrapped living room

The majority of us have probably had fish tanks in our homes at some point in our lives. But that's nothing compared to this huge aquarium that wraps around a living room. Believed to be the home of a Singaporean DJ, this is one for the books.

Inside there ain't any domestic fish, oh no, there's alligator gars, giant pacu fish, and paroon sharks. Which all sound like they'd eat you given the chance. Casual...

But seriously, we can only imagine how cool the rest of this house is...


Would you guys like a part 2??

♬ original sound - farles

5. The enormous Château de Lumiere

Home to some of the best house tours, realtor TikTok is lit and we'd like to stay forever, please. One of the best features this 24,000 square foot gated estate in  A total of 13 bathrooms, a chef's kitchen and second spice kitchen, a movie theatre, an indoor basketball court,  and a six-car garage. The house also has a custom elevator that serves all three levels. And most importantly a home spa, pool, and waterfall.

However, it'll set you back $14 million. Ouch.

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